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KAMPALA: Peter G. Mwesige on Saturday officially retired as the Co-founder & Executive Director, African Centre for Media Excellence (ACME) after 12 years in service.

Mwesige said all he remember is selling his 50 decimal plot in Kira to go to Dubai to buy furnishings for the ACME office noting that when the first funders visited the office, they were in awe

“I remember selling my 50 decimal plot in Kira to go to Dubai to buy furnishings for the ACME office. And when our first funders visited the office, they were in awe,” he said.

He also stated that the other thing he remembered was the word ACME has money, even people who would have given them money feared to support them adding they convinced people so that they get money and put it in good use.

“The other thing I remember was that out there, the word ACME has money. Even people who would have given us money feared to give. We had to convince people that the little we get, we put it to good use,’’ said Mwesige.

Mwesige was replaced by George Lugalambi as the Executive Director for ACME. Lugalambi said that his main ask is to support and build an organization that is financially able.

‘’My main ask to all of you is to support us to build an organisation that is financially able,’’ he asked.

“There is no need to be shy about where you want to go and inviting people to buy into your vision.’’


What others say

Patience Atuhaire {@patuhaire} ‘’A brilliant mind and mentor to many in journalism and media in #Uganda and across the continent, Dr. @pmwesige retires from  @ACME_Uganda.’’

Patience asserted that so many of them have benefited from his advice and counsel, and we are proud to see him off as he heads onto his next venture.

Rose Mary Kemigisha {@RoseMKemi}, ‘’Writing his name in the annals of history…..midwifing a baby to greatness, not pocketing the organisation, letting go at the height of its greatness. And of course the peaceful handover.’’

Benon M. Gowa {@BenonGowa}, ‘’Good to see he never succumbed to ‘the founder syndrome’ which prevails in so many civil society groups.’’

Gowa also said, ‘’the perpetual holding of posts by individuals undermines the credibility of civil society groups to critique the state, especially in regard to term limits for the president.’’

Barbara Kaija {@BarbaraKaija}, ‘’Well done Dr. Mwesige and welcome Dr. Lugalambi. ACME contribution to the media in Uganda and the region is invaluable.’’

Abiaz Rwamwiri {@AbiazRwamwiri}, ‘’@pmwesige, you are an inspiration. Your mark on journalism in the region is impressive and for those of us who have been lucky to go through your hands, we are more than honoured.’’

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