By Werwe Huzaifah

MBALE: Two hundred million shillings is needed to establish a grade IV health center in Nauyo-Bugema Northern City Division Division in Mbale.

This was revealed during a fundraising meeting attended by local and religious leaders at Nauyo primary school.

Local leaders told this publication that the initiative will improve the lives of residents in the area since they have been trekking long distances for the service.

According to Irene Kimono, Women Councilor representing Napoli lower and Napoli upper, Nauyo-Bugema is a densely populated city suburb and the population is growing day by day.

she adds that expectant mothers find it difficult getting antenatal services especially when they are about to give birth.

“Pregnant mothers really find it difficult to reach those distant hospitals. Sometimes they abandon it due to lack of transport,” Kimono said.


Amir Luyombo, LC2 chairperson for Bukasakya ward, called upon all leaders in Mbale city to come together to save residents. He also noted that this hospital will not be only for Nauyo-Bugema residents, rather it’s for everyone.

However, Milton Mwenyi, LC1 chairman for Mutenyo cell, asked the community and fellow leaders to stop fighting each other in order to develop.

Meanwhile, Fred Wamimbi the chairperson heading the fundraising drive says they set up this drive to raise 200 million shillings to buy land that can cater for a health center IV.

He further called upon leaders to support this drive.

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