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HOIMA: More than 400 residents in Hoima are on the verge of being forcefully evicted from their ancestral land, according to URN.

The affected residents are from the village of Ngobye in Buraru parish in Buraru sub-county. They are feuding with Neko Isingoma, a prominent businessman in Hoima town, over a piece of land measuring approximately 100 acres in the same area.

The residents learnt of their planned eviction from their ancestral land last month after a team of surveyors under the command of Isingoma entered the area and started surveying the land without their consent.

The residents say they have lived on the land since the 1940s, and they wonder how Isingoma came to acquire a title on the land that they have lived on for years.

Adam Irumba, one of the affected residents, explains that they are ready to defend the land that they have been settled on for a long time. He wants the district officials and Ministry of Lands to intervene and investigate the existence of fraudulently acquired titles in the area.

Patrick Majara, another resident, wants the Hoima district land board investigated for allegedly conniving with land grabbers by issuing fake land titles in the entire district, putting many families in tension.


Majara says many people in the area are living in fear of being evicted from the land where they have lived for a long time, yet they have nowhere to go.

Robert Mwanga, the LCIII Chairperson for Buraru Sub County, says there are many fraudulently acquired land titles in the area, putting hundreds of families in fear of being evicted. He wants the government to protect the affected people by availing free land titles to them.

Kadiri Kirungi, the Hoima district LCV Chairperson, says the district is going to investigate all the fraudulently acquired titles and have them revoked, and is calling on the affected residents to remain calm, saying his office is handling the matter.

Isingoma could not be reached for a comment by press time to respond to allegations put against him as he did not respond nor return our repeated calls to his telephone number.

This is not the first time land grabbing complaints have been raised in the villages of Burura sub-county.

In February this year, more than 500 families from three villages in Buraru sub-county were threatened with forceful eviction from their ancestral land. The families were from the villages of Kihohoro, Kakira-Ngobye, and Busanga, all in Buraru Sub County.

The affected families were then feuding with John Apollo Rwamparo, the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom’s Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, over land measuring 400 hectares.

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