By Nicholas Aliganyira

BULIISA: Police is Buliisa district has arrested a 49 year old Amanda Shaban commonly known as Lady Amanda for burning a 16 year old boy with petrol.

Amanda was arrested this morning {Friday} at his home in Butiaba sub county after locals and police doing a search for the boy who went missing for the last three months.

Amanda has been living with the victim only known as Boy son to Louise chairperson of Nyamasoga village in Biiso Sub County together with another child aged 12 years.

According to locals, the incident might have happened three months back.

During police interrogation, the boy revealed that trouble ensued after Amanda’s flash disk got lost and suspected him to have stolen it. He picked a stone and banged his fingers before sending his colleague to buy petrol and sprayed it on him setting him ablaze.

When the boy burnt to near death Amanda poured water on him enabling the boy to survive with severe wounds all over his body.

Security after finding the child in Amanda’s house. Photo by Nicholas Aliganyira

The victim contends that after the incident Amanda started treating him with unspecified medication intimidating them not to disclose anything to neither their parents nor to community.

Member of the community became inquisitive when they started seeing the child’s colleague moving alone yet they used to move and do house work together.

They nabbed the boy and asked him the whereabouts of the colleague before reporting the issue to police

This morning community members and police gathered at Amanda’s home forcing him to open only to find the victim covered who was hidden in big box in critical condition.

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