By Innocent Atuganyira

BULIISA: Dr. Robert Mugabe the district health educator Buliisa explains that 55% homes in Buliisa district practice open defecation.

The health expert told this online news outlet that the habit has shot from 40% to 55% due to the Lake Albert water that sub merged into toilets.

”Open defecation has shot from 40% to 55% due to floods that has hit the area for close to two years since many toilets were submerged,” he noted.

Mugabe also told ugreports that the most affected areas are along the lake shores in lower Buliisa. He however said they didn’t register cases of cholera outbreak since people were vaccinated against cholera.

”Since its dry season, and ministry of health rolled out mass cholera vaccination, the disease has noy broken out,” he asserted.

The health specialist also asked the public to boil drinking water, and construct toilets. ”We are going to get in touch with the area chairpersons to esnure people construct toilets and make good use of them,” he noted.

Fred Lukumu the Buliisa district chairperson said that they have been in campaign against open defecation, and they are in plans to construct other public toilets since they were submerged.

”We are in plans to construct other public toilets since they were submerged,” he told ugreports.

In 2019, Buliisa district was affected by increasing Lake Albert water which displaced more than 1,000 including government institutions.

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