By Nicholas Aliganyira

BULIISA: Buliisa district has surpassed its polio vaccination target in recently concluded door to door campaign against polio among children aged 5years and below.

The 3-days exercise that started on 14th -17th targeted 95% of the 32,062 children and the district managed to cover up to 98%.

During a feedback meeting held at Buliisa district headquarters, Dr Gabriel Taban attributed the success to committed staff and involvement and active participation of all stake holders. ‘’We have been able to achieve beyond the targeted number because of committed staff, involvement  and active participation of all stake holders,’’ he asserted.

According to Taban, Butiaba town council was the last in terms of coverage with only 1,775 out of 5,013 children vaccinated. He attributed the poor coverage to flood induced immigration of community members and hiked fuel price during the vaccination period of time. ‘’The poor coverage has been a result of flood that induced immigration of community members and hike of fule price during the vaccination period has also attributed to the problem,’’ he told

Harriet Atuhairwe the buliisa district secretary for health and community services applauded the health workers  Village Health Teams {VHTs} for the work done amidst challenges. She however revealed that most VHTs are still complaining of unpaid Allowances. ‘’Most village health teams are complaining of unpaid allowances which need to be sorted out,’’ she asserted.

Atuhairwe further urged sector leaders to always ensure that VHTs are timely paid in order to avoid complaints since they give commendable support to the health sector.

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