By Steven Birija

Past governments of Dr Obote, even Amin didn’t fail because they were weak. No. It is because they blocked colonial EXPLOITATION and were patriotic. The same explains why Nyerere had a lot of problems with the West, Patrick Lumumba got killed, Nkurumah was overthrown, and Magufuli had to die to pay price for his patriotism.

Andrew Mwenda really imagines all Ugandans are so foolish, and uninformed. Some of us understand the dark and underworld global realities that casts a wide net, from Washington to Moscow Kazakhstan and to DRC that Museveni joined as a facilitator. This perfectly explains his longevity in power.

Otherwise, if longevity in power represented success the Mobutu, Paul Biya, Gadafis etc would have left their countries countries much better. Why hadn’t he performed like Singapore?
So, this spinning journalism of Andrew is nothing but part of the unsavoury coalition of corrupted journalists turned to channelists, artful agents of criminals and rapacious elites who, buttress a network of sellout Mcmsfia in Uganda: public servants, lawyers, corporate elite, and other professionals abetted by international criminal and foreign governments that have managed pillage money on a grand scale in our country, hiding behind fake security and economic stability by M7.

We need to be careful with the likes of Mwenda who have mastered the techniques of obfuscation of praetorian kleptocracy to a sophisticated level that allows easy theft. Today thieves who hire spin doctors like Mwenda are assured of causing injury to our country with impunity.
Worst of all, their sugar coat devilish tongues even make the very oppressed enjoy sharing such messages from their devil god of capitalism.

Know that: Museveni’s long stay and survival is because he joined the global Mcmafia he works for not Uganda. It is the duty of Mwenda to always try whitewash and deceive naive citizens about the ghastly important story of our counttry.


It may sound like fiction, but it is unfortunately true.

Mwenda suffers from guilt from the unprecedented loot and havoc they have visited our country in the last 36 years under uneasy peace.

The Author is the former Masindi district chairperson

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