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GULU: The section of elders in Acholi who are selected to carry out mediation on land dispute between Lam Moses and Dr. Alice Lamwaka the founder of covilyce-1, a corona remedy  have resorted to pleading with Moses Lam to render to Lamwaka a portion of his land so that the research materials are  preserved.

This team of elders pleaded on behalf of Lamwaka to Moses Lam in January citing that she is researching for the betterment of mankind.

Samei Okwir the retired resident district commissioner lamented and implored Lam that he should accept the idea from the elders to avoid bad curse

“The act of destroying someone’s crops and properties is a taboo in Acholi whether he or she has planted in your land without your consent, and destruction of the research material was very demoralizing” he asserted.

He feared that if the government were to intervene on the issues, Lam would even lose the land because the emphasis of the government is now on supporting the scientist and the researchers.

Charles Odora Oryem an elder and a retired Agriculturalist advises Lam to be considerate in mankind and behave as a neighbor and surrender the tree to Lamwaka for her research for the promotion of humanity.

These appeals from the elders were sounded on Saturday during the mediation meeting which was presided over by sheik Musa khalil the vice chairperson Acholi religious peace initiative. The meeting was also attended by citizens  and the turned the two conflicting parties.

Khalil disclosed to that the mediation was successful at the genesis and he is hopeful that Lam is positive but he was aggressive due to the provocation he said was minted on him during his three time arrest in 2020

The development was pioneered by 4th Division commander Brg. Gen Bonny Bamweseki to solve the problems between Dr. Alice Lamwaka and Lam Moses which has lasted for over five years.

On the 03rd of January 2022, Bamweseki summoned the duo to the barracks to answer the accusation laid against her of using the military guard given to her to intervene in land row.

Lam recently accused Lamwaka and reported her to military commander for the allegedly intimidating mint on to him   through the use of the soldiers and the police.

Lam said in 2020 he was arrested when he cut the big natural tress in his land and dumped out of Gulu central police station without any charges purported against.

He also accused Lamwaka for encroaching in to his land located in plots 38 A senior quarters Laroo Pece division Gulu city by 15 meter

Lamwak however during the mediation accepted to could have encroached to Lam’s land because her interest was on the big natural tree which her research are based on.

She proposed before the mediation committee to swap with Lam some portion of her land so that the research material she has planted in the land of Mr Lam be preserved.

Revealing that some spies like African bamboo have grown well and if she is to be blocked from accessing this material, the research she is perusing on reparatory truck diseases where Covid is inclusive may be futile.

However she did not disclose the botanical names of this tree but said it is only in northern Uganda and it was planted by the traditional people in the ancient time, ‘’This tree is of medicinal purpose I need to keep it as a researcher,’’ she said.

Lamwaka on the other hand blamed Lam for destroying some of her research materials during the land row which happened on the 28 December 2020, where Lam went and cut-off the big tree at the gate where she had interest.

Lamwaka revealed that elders Ochola Oniba and Rwot Santo Apire the chief of Atiak clan who are the highly respected opinion leaders in Acholi and the brother to Lam have given her a green light to continue using the land where her research material and eco system are preserved.

However Julius Ojok the lawyer representing Lam Moses reiterated that they are not accepting any swapping of land between Lamwaka and his client Lam because Lamwaka does not have any legal document about the land she is residing on

Ojok added that Rwot does not have the right over his brother’s properties and it will be of good will from Lam to offer to Lamwaka if he feels doesn’t affect him in anyway.


Who is Lamwaka?

Lamwaka Alice veronica is a senior lecturer at Gulu University faculty of medicine, pharmacist, and medical researcher. She is heading Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Studies (PharmBiotec) at Gulu University.

She became prominent on 06th of August 2021 after coming up with Covilyce-1 a covid-19 remedy which she claimed has healed over 100 patients who tested positive for covid-19.

However she was in August 2021 appealed to the public for 200 million to facilitate clinical trial, however the President Museveni pledged three billion shillings for the trial but she hasn’t received the money.

Lamwaka was awarded the best exhibitor of corona herbal medication in December 2021 during the East Africa trade EXPO hosted in Tanzania Mwanza for her intervention of covid-19 curative herb.


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