By Okidi Patrick

AMURU: There is an ongoing demonstration by the leaders and people of Acholi sub region over Apaa land dispute.

Led by the  Acholi  paramount chief  Rwot David  Onen Acana Il, the leaders who included Gilbert Olanya, the MP for Kilaki county,  Akello Lucy, the Amuru woman MP, Odonga Otto the  former  Aruu county MP plus other people  holding  placards,  began moving from  Gulu city on Saturday  and  headed towards Apaa.

According to MP Olanya, the demonstration followed a meeting that was convened by Rwot David Onen Acana ll to express solidarity with their fellow Acholis he said are being victimized on their own land.
“We resolved to hold a peaceful walk.We are going to walk from Gulu City up to Apaa in solidarity with the people  of Apaa”, said  MP Olanya Gilbert.

‘’ Infact I to pray that the RDCs, the RPC,the DPCs should not stop or interfere  with that peaceful walk since it is to encourage our people to be calm and strong not to run away from their homes’’, added MP Olanya.

He said this is so because they were born there and they have nowhere to go apart from Apaa.

He added that the Acholi leaders are not happy about what is happening in Apaa as they have explored several avenues to resolve the Apaa land conflict and failed.

The MP singled out going to court after massive killing that he said has also not helped them.

He noted that about 86 people have so far been gruesomely   killed over the land since 2012 and that 38 others are still in prison in Arua after being charged with murder.

The MP appealed to President Museveni to intervene so that the arrested people can get Justice.

There has been a long time dispute between the Acholi and the Madi tribes over Apaa land with each side claiming ownership of the same.

This has on several occasions led to violent clashes between the two tribes in which several people have been killed and injured.

Efforts by the government to resolve the dispute are yet yield fruits.

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