By Christopher Nyeko

GULU: Women in Acholi sub region who subscribed to Wise Women Uganda one of the registered community based organization (CBO) in Gulu city have embarked on massive planting of trees to address global warming, environmental conservation and preservation of eco- system as rains resumes

Juliet Adoch, the director Wise Women Uganda said she  has been at the forefront prompting Acholi women to embark on activities prone to promoting environmental conservation like planting of the ingenious tree species to protect environment and eco- system from bad human activities  leaving the environment prone to destruction and exhumations.

Adoch made the remark on Wednesday  from Sunset Hotel Gulu City when she was training 18 members of wise women Uganda on tree planting and environmental conservation under one of it native seed projects. The training was facilitated with the help of the support grant received from Women Earth Alliance (WEA).

Wise women Uganda is the community base organization with its core objectives focused on environmental conservation and women empowerment through tree planting.

“As one of the women, I have offered to train my colleagues because I have experienced how challenging the woman always struggles look for fire woods daily to enable her cook food, as woman you look for water daily for domestic use from wherever sources so this means eco- system and forest should be protected for the betterment of humanity” she said

These women were trained on nursery bed preparation, transplanting, tree protection, pest control and management.

Adoch is expectant that after the training, each trainee is going to plant at least two acres of trees in their own land which will contribute to a total of at least 36 acres of natural trees species in Acholi sub region.

She added that trainees were directed to at least distribute over 18,000 seedlings to willing people within  Acholi sub region  hence it will improve on vegetation cover. Atleast these 18 trainees will be given adequate seedlings and planting pots.

Among the indigenous tree species which will be natured for  distribution  include Afaxilia Africana, Prunus Africana, Caya Afazilia, Carisha, Vertex donania, Ghanaians Gardenia, Balinese Ejetica, violet tree, Imperialis to name a few but over 36 indigenous species.

For over 5 years, some of the members of wise women Uganda have been making many important products they have extracted from trees after attending PHARBOTRACTs training from Gulu University. These products includes, Shea herbal batting soap, Shea herbal washing soaps, capsules tablets extracted from Moringa trees, herbal syrups, Shea herbal hair growths among others

Adoch claims that  these herbal products have reportedly been used by thousands of  people as a complementary Medicine which she claims have cured chronic illnesses and conditions such as ulcers, cancers, diabetes Candida, among others.

Adoch however outlines challenges facing her innovation such as lack of transport means  as she  revealed that the organisation has no vehicle, low funding, lack of equipment and material for planting trees these equipment  include wheelbarrow, pots, spades hand hoes etc.

She however appreciated WEA for the grant support but however appealed to the government, NGOs and well-wishers to support the organization with vehicles and other means of support so as to help them distribute seedling to its members.

Denish Ocaya lecture at Gulu university faculty of medicine one of the trainers noted that for the environment to be conserved, the focus should shift from institutions to women citing that women are the most influential in attitude change in the society.

“Women can teach children on how to plant trees and protect the trees in the community and even can advise the men to stop deforestation as they are the one who suffer most when there is no fuel for cooking food at home” he noted

Beatrice Aber, one of the trainees, commenced the training saying it was timely. She expresses that she has learnt the traditional methods of controlling the termites from destroying their trees.

“I have tried to plant trees but my trees were destroyed by the termites, prior to the wise women Uganda for offering us this training” she appreciated.

Florence Alanyo age 75, resident of Akonyibedo who have invented propagation of Moringa trees through stem propagation said she has planted over 50 different indigenous trees species and have

She revealed that she has motivated over 70 women in her village to plant trees for future generation use.

Jane Francis Omongin Okili the Gulu city resident commissioner commended the women while she was opening the training and asked them to involve their spouse so that their effort on environmental conservation is not futile

“I would like to thank you for taking the mantle on fight against global warming, we are experiencing negative change in climate pattern, rain has not yet resumed because peoples have embarked in deforestation for charcoal business but prior to you for choosing to plants more trees”

As I have seen your product, I can rule that you are not dependent on your husband but you are now the breadwinners.

As president eyes in the city I assured you that I am going to  write the report pertaining your  innovative word toward environmental conservation by choosing to keep endangered  native seed and am hopeful that  he can lay a helping hand as his major focus is on women empowerment.

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