By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: Activists under the umbrella of civil society organizations in Bukedea district are demanding accountability from the responsible officers.

It is reported that an amount totaling to 234,969,000 shillings was solicited by school headteachers from pupils for Emis Registration.

Education management information system (Emis) is a program introduced by the government to register all learners in schools and the particulars of their parents. The activity was rolled out countrywide.

The education department in Bukedea district imposed a charge of 3,000/-  per child in order to register and those who failed to pay the fee were not registered and they were forced to drop out of school.

Activists demanded for the accountability on 30th November 2022 during the district integrity and accountability forum meeting held at the district council hall.

According to the activists’ report, a tune of 234,969,000/= shillings was solicited by the head teachers from the total number of 78,323 pupils in the district.

The report also indicated that due to financial consequences faced by some of the parents, a total of 8,000 pupils were forced to drop out of school.

Santos Osekeny, the chairperson civil society organization in Bukedea district said as the foreseers, the clear accountability of the money should be presented.

“There was no charge imposed by the government on the learner’s registration, we want accountability on how much money was collected and how it was spent”, said Mr. Osekeny.

Mr. Osekeny also added that if the responsible officers fail to give accountability, they should be brought to book.

Stephen Okurut, the district acting district education officer Bukedea said, the implementation of a charge fee of 3000/- shillings was a resolution passed by the council in order to enable smooth running of the registration program.

“Each learner was charged 3000/- to help teachers to conduct smooth running of the registration program, forestance taking of the passport photos of learners among others,” said Mr. Okurut.

Micheal Ocan, Kangole sub county chairperson in an interview with UGReports, said such a complaint was filed by the parents in his sub county but no council approved in his sub county.

“In my sub county parents were charged money differently, some 3000/- shillings others 3500/ shillings and this forced most of the learners to drop out of school”, said Mr. Ocan.

However, Hajji Imran Muluga, the resident district commissioner Bukedea said, the officers would be summoned and brought to book.

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