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ENGLAND: The Ugandan based academy startled the revelers in Yorkshire, England as earned an award of a special recognition in Golf Environment Awards (GEA) 2023.

The awards were held at Crown Hotel, Harrogate in Yorkshire, England in appreciation of the sustainability across nature conservation, turf grass, waste and water to achieve environmental sustainability, protecting and encouraging habitats and biodiversity, while continuing to maximize the enjoyment of golf.

The special recognition award was to appreciate AFRIYEA Golf Academy – Toro club for their efforts in ecology and sustainability on the golf course in Fort Portal, Western Uganda.

Besides teaching the young golfers with the basics of the game, AFRIYEA Golf Academy has been at the forefront of placing environmental concerns.

In particular, AFRIYEA Golf Academy has been engaged in afforestation drives, cleaning campaigns, environment education in schools and community on proper management of waste especially plastic wastes.

AFRIYEA Golf Academy Uganda is honored to be recognized at the 2023 Golf Environment Awards. This is a trust and manifestation of the good deeds being executed.

Nature is one most invaluable asset in the realm that everybody must shield from being polluted with plastics, chemicals and many other contaminants that result from human misuse of nature. While plastics have many valuable uses; our generation has become addicted to single-use plastics which have severe environmental consequences. It’s a collective responsibility to reduce the usage and improve the way we manage plastic waste.

The awards were organized by STRI Groupspanning now 28 years with the support from R & A (Royal and Ancient), Aquatrols, Jacobsen, Syngenta, Tillers Turf, Textron, and BIGGA.

This is an effort directed to environmental sustainability with ever-increasing spotlight on environmental matters, golf courses worldwide need to assess what they do to achieve environmental sustainability, protecting and encouraging habitats and biodiversity, while continuing to maximize the enjoyment of the game.


Golf Environment Awards 2023

  • Special Recognition Award: AFRIYEA Golf Academy – Toro Club Uganda
  • Operation Pollinator Award: Iestyn Carpenter (Corhampton Golf Club)
  • Conservation Greenkeeper Award: Nick Lawson (Sleaford Golf Club)
  • Sustainable Project Award: Hever Castle Golf Club
  • International Environmental Golf Club Award: Al Mouj Golf Club (Oman)
  • UK Environmental Golf Club Award: Nairn Dunbar Golf Club
  • Ecological Project of the Year Award: St. Andrews Links Trust


AFRIYEA Golf Academy has become the first African golf institution to receive this prestigious award is vastly attributed to their success in promoting golf and environment preservation among the youthful population in Uganda.


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