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KAMPALA: The R&B artist Akon has rallied American businessmen support to his ambitious vision for a “futuristic” city powered by a cryptocurrency called “Akoin” and built on land given to him by Ugandan government according to PML Daily.

Akon who is in charge of attracting investment and managing the project, during his latest visit to Kampala, he revealed that city would cost upto $6b.

A Missouri native whose family hails from Senegal, Akon, 48, has spoken expansively about his desire to create a real-life version of Wakanda, the futuristic African kingdom portrayed in Marvel’s “Black Panther.”

He is already rallying for support and enticing different entrepreneurs to make their way to Uganda to take up several investments ahead of the futuristic city.

Last weekend, Akon held talks with a number of African American investors in Houston Texas and sold to them the idea of investing in the proposed futuristic city in Uganda a country with enormous investment opportunities.

Akon also reconnected with Ashworth Barnes the CEO of 713 Motoring a leading automotive company in US who is set to invest in Uganda’s automotive industry.


He also held talks with Don Bowie a co-founder of Rare Steakhouse and Lounge located in Houston Texas. Bowie expressed interest in extending the Rare Steakhouse investment to Uganda.

Ashworth has appealed to other African Americans to consider Uganda for investment since its set out as a strong investment hub in the region.

Ashworth advised that whoever is planning to invest in Africa should rise up and support the Akoin cryptocurrency which is the future of African cryptocurrency, since it will ease the cost of investment and offer huge returns.

“Africa has many barriers with commerce because the currency is different in each country making cross border trade a bit costly. We need to be able to reduce the cost of doing business and Akoin is the viable solution with the world moving is crypto,” Asworth said.

Meanwhile, Akon’s plans for the Akon City involves building luxury condominiums, a seaside resort, office parks and even a university in tubular, seemingly gravity-defying skyscrapers that resemble molten metal.

Intended as an upscale destination for Black Americans, Akon City will be solar-powered and environmentally friendly, he told journalists in Uganda last year.

Residents and visitors will be able to make purchases with Akoin, which he envisions as a global currency.

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