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By Moses Alinda

ARUA: Arua Central Division Council in Arua City early this week passed a budget of 3.3billion shillings for the financial year 2022/2023 in increase from 2.7billion shillings for the F/Y 2021/2022.

The key sectors that have taken lion’s share in the budget are Administration with 402milllion, Health 344 million, Works 109 million, community services 103 million, Education 141 millions, natural resources 59 millions trade and industrialization 35 million shillings among others.

The secretary for finance Hamid Salim Mugisha said 2.9billions will be locally generated while 312 millions will form central government transfers.

In the FY 2021/2022 budget, 1.6 billion constituted locally generated revenue while 168 million formed central government transfers which show an increase in the 2022/2023 than FY 2021/2022 financial budget.

According to Hamid, the key interventions the council will undertake are fencing of Anyafio primary school, supporting the best PLE performers, wetland management, urban tree planting to mention but a few.

Meanwhile some councillors expressed mixed reactions on the budget

Aliga Yunus the councillor representing the older persons at central division said his age group must be also considered he said most of the allocation has left out the elders who seem not to be catered on the budget.

Meanwhile the councillor representing Kenya ward Ondoru molly stressed that they had agreed to prioritise Arua parents’ primary school in the next financial year to be renovated which has not appeared.

Iddi Lutale Ismail the councilor representing Tanganyika upper ward says some of the benefits of the mayor need to be reduced so that they use the money for other emergencies

The national budget will be read on 14th of June 2022.

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