By Moses Alinda

ARUA: The Regional CID office of West Nile Region has arrested two officials in connection with an investigation of alleged forgery and fraudulent sale of land in Omoo Parish, Arivu Subcounty, Arua district.

The West Nile Region Police Spokesperson Josephine Angucia says Edema Felix, the Chairman LC3 and Etupili Christopher, the Chairman Land board all of Arivu Sub County in Arua district were arrested over the weekend.

”They were arrested after failing to respond to police sermons issued to them,” she said.

Angucia asserted that trouble for the duo started from the sale of land that has been having a long standing unresolved conflicts over it’s ownership between the people of the villages of Tisi and Anyavu, all in Omoo Parish Arivu Subcounty Arua district.

She says both communities have been claiming the ownership of the said piece of land that is alleged to have been fraudulently sold.

The land in question is about 34 acres, and was sold at 52 million shillings paid to the sellers in installments.

It’s alleged that Deti Emmanuel and Pariyo Philliam, all residents of Anyavu village sold the disputed land to other two people, which did not go well with Tisi village people claiming that their land was illegally sold by the people of Anyavu village.

Angucia told journalists that some Tisi village people reported the matter to police of Arua, which was later forwarded to the Regional CID officer West Nile Region for further investigations.

However, preliminary investigations identified some manipulation of documents in the sales agreement where the names of the former LC1 chairperson of Anyavu village, one Nyaku Simon appeared on the land sale agreement with a stamp.

Nyaku Simon however denied participating in the said land sale agreements, besides that he was no longer the LC1 chairperson of Anyavu village by the time of making the sale agreement.

The regional police mouthpiece says further investigations indicate that the land sale agreement was chaired by the LC1 chairman of another village of Anguru in Pajulu Parish not any of those from either Anyavu or Tisi villages in Omoo Parish where the said land is located.

”These and other issues therefore necessitated the subcounty officials to be either surmoned or arrested to assist police with investigations into these allegations,” she added.

Inquiries still continue into the allegation under Vurra Police Station General Enquiry File number 02/2022.

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