By Moses Alinda

ARUA: A section of market vendors have accused Arua city technocrats and Arua city mayor Wadri Sam Nyakua for allocating the stalls to themselves.

The accusations were made Wednesday afternoon to the minister of local government Rafael Magyezi who is in Arua over the issue of the market allocation which has brought division among the vendors.

Rafael Magyezi visited the markets of South Sudanese fish mongers on Lemerijoa road, Lobida market, Owino textile market in Lobida, Gaga textile market, Arua main market and social centre market.

In all the visits some vendors were accusing the politicians and some technocrats for distributing the space to themselves.

‘’We are not happy with the mayor and technocrats, they distributed stalls to themselves,’’ vendors accused them.

The minister asked the Arua central division town clerk Isaac Wanje as to why he had failed to allocate the space to those who had a memorandum of understanding with the city council.


Meanwhile the mayor Arua city distanced himself from the accusations. ‘’I didn’t allocate the stalls to myself,’’ he distanced.

He accused the Arua Member of Parliament for masterminding the plan to tarnish his name.

However Jackson Atima the Member of Parliament for central division said he has not mobilized anyone against the mayor Arua city.

The politician however said the allegation on the allocation of stalls to politicians is true. ‘’I didn’t mobilize anyone against the mayor, the issue of allocating stalls to politicians is true,’’ he insisted.

Minister Magyezi said the politicians and technocrats in the city should resign if they want to be vendors or else they handover the stalls to other vendors.

‘’You should resign if you want to be a vendor or else handover the stalls to other vendors,’’ he said.

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