By Moses Alinda

WESTNILE: His highness Yuma Manase the Ayivu chief was enthroned over the weekend in a colorful ceremony that took place at Ayivu headquarters in onduparaka.

The ceremony attracted elders and participants from the seven former sub counties of former Ayivu County currently Ayivu division.

After his coronation, Yuma Manase in his message said his major focus is on unity, education of the people in Ayivu among others.

He further said with the coming of the city status it has left Ayivu’s with mixed reactions but said all will come to an end as he called for unity.

The minister for culture in Lugbara kari Muzee John Godo said as Lugbara kari they have been establishing chiefs in various parts of Lugbara land and says the function is mandated by the constitution of the republic of Uganda.

He said when the government restored the cultural institutions in 1994, the cultural institutions were to help government in promoting peace and unity not dividing Ugandans.

The Prime Minister Ayivu chiefdom Aliyo Zakari said first on agenda is the promotion of Ayivu culture so that there is unity among the people in Ayivu for the development of Lugbara land.

He said some of the issues such as education are taken lightly which has left many of the learners as drop outs in Ayivu a vice which he said needs joint effort in fighting.

Drateru Harriet a resident of former Dadamu Sub County says she has hope of unity since Ayivu has a chief now.

She said there has been some issues which needed the attention of the chief but since they didn’t have one they would be left to government institutions which would take long to solve the issue. Giving an example of the land wrangle between Oluko Sub County in Ayivu east division Arua city and Ajia Sub County in Arua district which has left distraction of property and injuries to some individuals.

Yuma Amuku Manasseh 76 years was elected as the chief of Ayivu in mid January 2022 the election that took place at social centre in Arua city.

His promise was to unite the people of Ayivu clan.

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