By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: Dilapidated bridges in the eastern Uganda Bukedea district are crippling service delivery in the district.

The officials from the ministry of works and transport sent the delegation team of works engineers to carry and conduct an inspection of the cut off, dilapidated and damaged bridges in the district.

The delegation was headed by bridge engineer expert Engineer Joseph Osele.

Among the inspected bridges include Chodong-Kotoluk bridge, a seven kilometer road which was cut off five years back and it has not been restated.

Kodokoto bridge which connects Bukedea to Kidongole Sub County but it’s in a dilapidated state was also among the bridges inspected.

Tajar Bridge which connects Kamutur to Bulambuli district has not been worked on since the creation of the district and finally Amujeju Bridge which was washed and cut off by heavy rain.


On the inspected bridges, about seven people were fragmented and several injured and one death in Tajar Bridge.

Michael Okwi, the Bukedea district works secretary said as a district capacity has failed to work on the four inspected bridges since most are in big swamps based on the financial consequences.

“We tried as a district to put budget allocation in order to restate some of these bridges but you find the district budget could not fit,” Mr. Okwi said.

Jackson Ojekede, the Kamutur sub county chairperson said the Amujeju bridge which was washed has made the locals resort to using a local boat as a means of transport in order for the locals to access the sub county services.

“If you do not have one thousand shillings, you will not be allowed to board the boat to cross, business has paralyzed since locals cannot cross the water,’’ Mr. Ojekede said.

Engineer Joseph Osele, the bridge expert said on their finding out of the inspection, the four bridges need immediate action since the majority of the locals are cut off.

He said the Tajar Bridge which connects Kamutur to Bulambuli district is in pipeline and the construction is expected to commence in next year’s financial budget.

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