He also called for unity among the people of Bugungu.

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BULIISA: The Bagungu Clan Council has elected their cultural leader, known as “Muttebbengwa.”

The Bagungu, who have been pushing for the formation of their independent cultural institution known as “Buttebbengwa Bwa Bugungu,” elected Mr. Lukumu Norman as their cultural leader; Mr. Basaswaki Thomas was elected speaker; and Mr. Mukungi Bonny was elected deputy speaker.

The trio was elected during the clan council meeting held on Saturday, April 29, 2023, at the Oil Land Hotel in Buliisa Town Council Buliisa district.

Mr. Basaswaki Thomas, Speaker elect sharing the clan council meeting.

Mr. Kasangaki Yokisani, a clan council member, suggested that Mr. Lukumu Norman be elected as the cultural leader for Bagungu, which was unanimously agreed upon by all clan council members.

In his brief speech, Mr. Lukuma Norman, who happens to be the former Prime Minister for Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, said that after being trusted by the Bagungu, he will serve diligently and promote peace and unity among the people of Bugungu.

Mr. Lukumu Norman, who is also the Chairperson of the Bugungu Cultural Revival Association (BUCRA), which spearheaded the formation of an independent cultural institution for the Bagungu, said that he is committed to serving and developing the oil-rich Bugungu.

Mr. Lukumu Fred, addressing the clan council members

He also called for unity among the people of Bugungu, saying that this is the right time for them to conserve and protect the Gungu culture, norms, values, and heritage practices, including their language, which is facing extinction.

Mr. Kuruhira Godfrey Ajuna, the patron of the Bagungu Community Association (BACA), disclosed that they are not fighting BUCRA. Mr. Kuruhira, who didn’t disclose the details, asserted that BACA executive members have been holding meetings with BUCRA executive members.

He also said BACA was formed in 1955 with the purpose of fighting for the rights of Bagungu, safeguarding and promoting the Gungu culture, and also fighting illiteracy among the Bagungu by supporting the needy students.

The BACA patron therefore called for unity and cooperation among the Bagungu, saying they should stick to their agenda rather than fighting each other.

The Buliisa District LCV Chairperson, Mr. Lukumu Fred, said this is the right time for the people of Bugungu to unite and work together for the development of Bugungu.

Mr. Lukumu Norman, addressing clan council members after the elections.

“I played my part in 1995 to ensure that Bagungu were included among the tribes in the Ugandan constitution; therefore, this is the time for us to unite and work together for the development of Bugungu,” he said.

Some of the qualifications for one to be elected the cultural leader for the Bagungu are being a Mugungu by tribe, married with family in Bugungu, literate without any dispute, and being above 60 years of age, according to the BUCRA constitution.

The BUCRA constitution also states that the cultural leader will be replaced through elections after his death.

At least 42 out of 56 clan members attended the meeting, with each clan represented by three members.

The elected leaders posing for the group photo after the meeting.

Mr. Aguma Sharif, the BUCRA publicity secretary, told this publication after the meeting that absent clan council members apologized, noting that most of them were represented by fellow clan members.

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