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ACHOLI: The former presidential candidate and the leader of the National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED) Joseph Kabuleta Kizza has warned the people of Acholi Sub-region to be extra cautious against the Balaalo herdsmen who want to steal their oil.

Kabuleta made the discretion during a meeting with the local leaders and residents of Acholi Sub-region on Monday.

He said the Balaalo are only interested in settling in places where oil has been discovered. Kabuleta added that when they discovered oil in Bunyoro, within a short period of time, the Balaalo were already in the Sub-Region, and they usually have guns.

”Now even here in Acholi sub region when oil was discovered, they did the same thing. Many of them have settled here with their guns, and they graze their cattle with guns in their possession,” Kabuleta noted.

The former presidential candidate is currently on nationwide sensitization campaign premised on protecting Uganda’s national deposits that could be used by citizens to elleviate themselves from poverty.

Kabuleta also rallied the Acholi locals to advocate for change of government if they want to fully enjoy the natural resources in their area.

The politician further pinned government for deliberately denying the local people in Acholi their full rights of owning land by refusing to give them land titles.By doing this, Kabuleta said government makes it easy for Balaalo to grab land that belongs to the indigenous people.

He however, advised the locals not to lower the guard, saying they should stand up and fight for what rightly belongs to them.

“Now if you’re born in this land, all the wealth that God invested in it, you’re supposed to have a stake and nobody is going to give you the stake by sitting back and hopping. Its going to be given to you by standing up and taking a strong claim on it and making sure that people who come to steal those resources are not given an inch of what is not theirs,” He asserted.

“You have many mineral resources in your land like oil, agricultural potential is in place and there’s a vast piece of land with a small population because of war, unfortunately. But that means there’s a lot of potential. But the big question is who is going to benefit from these resources? Is it going to be the same people who were fomenting the war or is it going to be the indigenous people in this area? Please don’t be inactive, fight for your resources,”he urged.

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