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By Chris M Bruno

KAGADI: The Bishop for Bunyoro Kitara diocese Rt. Rev Samuel Kahuma has warned Christians against homosexuality following a decision by Canterbury, the headquarters of the Anglican Church allowing same sex marriages.

The Church of England early last week passed a resolution allowing clergy to preside over same sex marriages and also approved supplemental prayers and liturgies for such occasions. This means that a gay couple joined together in marriage in England would then go to the church to receive blessings.

However while addressing the congregation during his visit at Kasojo Church of Uganda parish in Katikengeye Archdeaconry in Kagadi district on Sunday, Bishop Kahuma pronounced himself on the matter saying the Church of Uganda right from the Archbishop Kazimba Mugalu is strongly opposed to the decision.

The tough talking Kahuma, vowed not to bow down to this and he even asked the clergy to join the fight against this vice.

Kagadi district woman MP Janepher Kyomuhendo Mbabazi who attended the function, also castigated homosexuality revealing that the parliament is not also ready to legalise it in the country.

Kyomuhendo also told the congregation that the promoters of homosexuality are targeting schools and she advised the parents to be careful while selecting the schools for their children.

The politician also advised the parents to be cautious with the people who are promising scholarships to their children saying some of them could be looking for people to enrol into homosexuality.

The function was also graced by Ven. Rev Captain Wilson Atuhiire, the archdeacon for Katikengeye archdeaconry plus other clergy and local leaders from Kagadi district.

Recently the archbishop of the Church of Uganda Dr Steven Kaziimba Mugalu threatened that the church of Uganda would cut ties with the Church of England if allowed presiding over same sex marriages.

What is being waited for is the action by the church of Uganda following the decision by the Church of England.

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