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By Ahmed Matovu

KAMPALA: The National Unity Platform {NUP} Leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine on Saturday evening received a first batch of Ugandans who have been struggling in United Arab Emirates {UAE} return home.

The 12 Ugandans returned home through Entebbe International Airport and were welcomed by a team of the National Unity Platform leaders, led by the Secretary General, Mr. David Lewis Rubongoya.

Sources say that the return was made private, not to lure several of the state actors into jeopardizing the return journey orchestrated by the National Unity Platform Leaders.

”Very delighted this evening to receive the first batch of 12 Ugandans who have been stuck at Al Aweer Deportation Jail for several months!,” Bobi Wine said.

According to Bobi Wine, the stories are sad, many fled dehumanising conditions and ended up in detention.

Bobi Wine encouraged all leaders, political parties, religious institutions, the business community and all people of good-will to pick interest in the plight of Ugandns stuck in detention in the Middle East and support their return home.


The returnees said they were profoundly honored to have returned home after humiliations abroad that left them suffering after failing to get jobs in the United Arab Emirates.

“It was a nightmare. We thank every stakeholder who helped us return to our motherland.”

Twenty more Ugandans are also expected to return to the country in a few weeks time after glaring suffering from the United Arab Emirates.

Bobi Wine’s Charity Concert Canceled

Fortnight ago, Bobi Wine traveled to the UAE, through Dubai to hold a charity concert meant to raise funds for the suffering Ugandans in the Middle East.

He was however briefly arrested in the United Arab Emirates upon arriving at the Airport within the Middle East Country and later released after 12 hours of interrogation but his show was canceled by Authorities in Dubai.

Bobi Wine howbeit vowed to work towards the helping of all stranded Africans, especially Ugandans in UAE.

This week, Kyagulanyi launched a campaign mobilizing resources from everyone who cares to ensure that Ugandans struggling abroad are helped.

The team will also engage several of the NUP Leaders to mobilize for such a cause.

Many Ugandans, especially women, have on several occasions traveled to the Middle East seeking for casual laboring jobs.

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