By Pascal Onega

BULIISA: Following the skyrocketing fuel prices across the country, boda-boda riders in Buliisa district have expressed their concern over the same issue.

In a special interview with, Godrey Avutiya commonly known as Gogo a Boda-boda rider at Biiso stage in Biiso town council Buliisa District, said that the skyrocketing fuel prices has retarded their work. ‘’We are no longer getting profits, in fact I’m planning to park my motorcycle because there is nothing I’m getting out of boda-boda business,’’ he decried.

The angry boda-boda rider asked leaders more especially the area members of parliament to intervene into the issue of fuel prices noting that it has retarded their work, and they are incurring losses. ‘’We are losing our customers because of increasing fuel prices, and our members of parliament are quiet, this is time for me they intervene,’’ he asserted.

James Boda commonly known as Mudya carrot the secretary of defence at the same stage said an increment on the prices of fuel has also forced them to increase their journey prices hence discouraging their customers to use motorcycle means. ‘’We have few customers due to skyrocketing price of fuel, we used to buy a litre of petrol between Shs3500 to Shs4000 but now it’s between Shs4500 to Shs5000 which is real expensive,’’ he noted.

Julius Atagwiiro who stages at Kapapi wondered why fuel prices shoot high almost every year, he said this affects their business thus incurring losses.  The angry boda-boda riders asked for government intervention to ensure the issue is sorted out since it’s also affecting the economy of the country.

When contacted, Hon. Allan Atugonza the Member of Parliament for Buliisa Constituency said the issue of fuel was also addressed in the parliament added that there is need for government intervention. ‘’There is need for government intervention because the high prices of fuel is also affecting other commodities thus affecting the economy of our country,’’ he asserted.

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