By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: Following the return of rainy season which has affected the business of bodaboda operators in most parts of the country, the chairperson William Opio, has asked the Bodaboda riders in Bukedea to conduct farming alongside their daily bodaboda business operations.

According to Opio, the bodaboda business is highly affected during the rainy season and this has forced most of the families into conflicts since the husbands have failed to provide the necessities.

Opio on his side questioned the Bodaboda riders to render now most of their time in farming as part of their business.

“The business of operating Bodaboda has been affected by rains, what I want to ask and task you is that lets render our time now in farming rather than idling on the stage”, said Opio.

Darlington Okaali, one of the bodaboda riders together with his colleagues opposed the idea saying, riding Bodaboda is the only business they have for survival.

They said most of them do not have land to conduct farming and there is no way they have rendered their time now in farming.

“Riding a motorcycle is the only way of earning and it’s our business, we do not have land”, said Bodaboda riders.

Major Victor Moses Ocan, the coordinator operation wealth creation bukedea, says besides operating bodaboda as business, bodaboda riders should identify an alternative business to carry on mostly during the rainy season.

“I want to call upon all the bodaboda riders in Bukedea to open up their mines, the government has got many projects. Please involve yourself and benefit from it rather than focusing on only riding a motorcycle as business”, said Ocan.

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