By George Emuron

BUKUDEA: The Resident District Commissioner Bukedea Hajji Imran Muluga has warned teachers in Bukedea district to desist from excessive consumption of alcohol in the district.

Muluga who represented Rt. Hon. Among Anita the Speaker of Uganda’s Parliament pronounced this warning on Wednesday during the world teachers day celebration commemorated at Bukedea district headquarters under the theme transformation of education begins from teachers.

According to Mr. Muluga, the majority of teachers in the entire district have resorted to excessive consumption of alcohol which he condemned.

“Teachers are supposed to lead by example, my office has received a lot of complaints from the parents and the community accusing teachers over excessive consumption of alcohol, let’s lead exemplary,” he said.

Mr. Muluga added that taking of toxic substances for stance Mirage, opium and local waragi among others teachers are involved.

“As a president representative, I’m warning you that please if you’re a victim stop it with immediate effect, what you do is what pupils copy and learn,” he warned.


Martin Saka Ocen, the chairperson UNATU in Bukedea district said teachers who are the victims of alcoholism are arts teachers.
He said the government discrimination act of enhancing science teachers’ salaries has created divisions amongst teachers.

“Art teachers are traumatized to the extent that most of them resort to drinking alcohol as their sleeping medicine,” he said.

“My appeal to the government is that let the government try its best to address this division’s arts head teachers who are no longer respected by science teachers, these are the outcomes’ ‘, said Mr. Ocen.

Stephen Okurut, the acting district education officer Bukedea said besides, salary enhancement of the science teachers, delayed pension enrollment of the retired teachers is another contributing factor towards excessive consumption of alcohol amongst teachers.

“So far we have about twenty teachers pending to retire but once their pension enrollment delays resort to consumption of alcohol”, Said Mr. Okurut.

Mr. Okurut, therefore advised teachers to be mindful of their lives in the society.

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