By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: A shocking shame has rocked the council of Bukedea district as councillors refuse to attend the council seating called in order to approve the financial budget year 2022/2023.

The council season was called on Friday at the district headquarters chaired by the district speaker.

Out of the 35 councillors for the entire district, only the six executives attended the council.

Looking at the budget documents, the budget estimates are over 16 Billion shillings with the area of emphasis on health, education and payment of the district’s outstanding debts.

According to the councillors who boycotted entering the council chamber, they were given the budget document today’s {Morning} morning and they were expected to approve it within the same time.

They said, approving the budget without reading properly would not be accepted.

“We cannot approve the budget which we have not read through and understand, we have to pass through before approving”, said Councillors.

Samuel Musoke, the councillor representing workers league, said, despite delays to be given the budget document to pass through and within the same time to approve, the executive committee connived with the technical persons to interchange some of the approved projects by the committees.

“On the budget, the district chairperson fuel and travels is allocated over 200 million shillings, then for the councillors emoluments reduced from 105,000/- to 85,000/- this is unacceptable”, said Mr.Musoke.

Juma Emong Showan, the district speaker Bukedea said the council was adjourned since the majority councillors refused to enter into the council chambers.

“I have to adjourn the council since most of the councillors failed to enter inside the chambers”, said Mr. Emong.

Stephen Ogaba, the district planner, said even if the district councillors have refused to approve the budget, the central government still will send the funds towards the construction of schools and health centres.

However, local revenue collection will be the faced challenge.

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