By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: Police in Bukedea district have arrested a 35-year-old man for allegedly attempting to murder his brother who also doubles as the area chairperson.

The suspect identified as Jackson Osire commonly known as Emelekoit, a meat roaster in Bukedea town was arrested on Wednesday and detained at Bukedea Central Police Station.

Emelekoit on Tuesday night attacked his brother Patrick Odeke but by coincidence the brother refused to open the door.

Patrick Odeke is also the local council one chairperson of Kide cell in Bukedea town council.

Emelekoit therefore transferred his anger to cut the brother’s bull in front of his door.

On Wednesday morning residents were shocked to realize that blood and a cut off bull was lying on the brother’s door.


The residents became concerned and requested for the police sniffer dog.

Abudalah Madudu, Kide ward local council two chairperson said upon visiting the scene, they resorted to thinking of a police sniffer dog which later helped them to net Emelekoit.

“This thing is shocking, imagine wanting to murder your own brother using a panga and after failing you turn to cut his bull,” Madudu wondered.

Madudu also added that such a thing is happening for the first time in his area.

Patrick Odeke, the survivor told that he had not had any quarrel with his brother and the cause of his anger to murder him his unaware.

“I survived by God’s Mercy, he tried calling me out and pushing my door but I remained inside my room until morning but I was shocked to find that my bull was cut in front of my door,” Mr. Odeke said.

Ediga Akangkwatsa the district police commander Bukedea confirmed Emelekoit arrest and he said he was arrested in support of a police sniffer dog.

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