By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: The aspiring Member of Parliament for Bukedea county come 2026 David Beckhum Okwere has officially launched a tailoring institute in Kidongole sub county in Bukedea district under the umbrella of Okwere foundation.

The tailoring institute was launched on Thursday with the target of supporting and training both school dropouts and those vulnerable in the community.

Kidongole Sub County is one of the mother sub counties that curbed off from Koena Sub County.

However, recently during the lockdown, Kidongole sub County was one of the sub counties that registered a high number of teenage pregnancies in the entire district.

Nickolas Okia, the community development officer Koena sub county during a phone interview said, the tailoring initiative would help to empower those who conceived during the lockdown.

“This is a great initiative for the community, my appeal to the initiators is to involve the technical staff for further guidance and monitoring,” Okia said.


Okia also urged the Member of Parliament aspirant to focus on his developmental plans rather than any other effort.

“I wish that if this project continues without stopping only in politics, the community would be in position to develop,” Okia said.

Hellen Akareut, Mary Akiteng some of the community beneficiaries say the majority of the school dropouts struggle with their young babies with support.

They said the launch of the tailoring institute is of great value to them and the community at large.

David Beckhum Okwere, the Bukedea county Member of Parliament aspirant says the initiative is to empower vulnerable people and the school dropouts in the community and entire district.

He says the foundation is set to cover every sub county in Bukedea constituency.

“Our focus as Okwere foundation is to see change not only in leadership but even the lives of people in the community”, said Okwere.

Okwere also added that the project has been launched in Kidongole but it’s going to roll out to all sub counties in Bukedea constituency.

“We are going to reach every sub county in Bukedea and our target is to empower the youth and the vulnerable in the community”, added Mr. Okwere.

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