By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: Angry councilors in Kongunga town council in Bukedea district on Friday afternoon took an angry action and demonstration to kick out the town Emmanuel Elimu together with other two officers David Ojono the community development officer and stephen Egwangu the town council engineer.

The duo were accused of misuse of DEG funds worth 40 million shillings and the council emolument sitting money.

According to the angry councilors, the DEG funds which was meant for opening the community access road went missing and whenever they ask for accountability,  the responsible officers do not turn up in their offices.

”We are not going to allow anybody to open this office until they avail us with the clear accountability and how the money got missing”,  said councilors.

They also added that without a serious audit no officer would be allowed to be in the office.

Gabriel Ejukat, the chairperson LCIII Kongunga town council during an interview with ugreports said that the accused officers operate the town council activities separately without the knowledge of the council.


He said whenever his office tries to request for any accountability, he is sidelined by the technical staff.

Emmanuel Elimu,  the accused town clerk who was out of the office at that moment when contacted on phone said he is out on sick leave.

However upon receiving the information that the three offices have been locked by councilors,  he appeared to witness but he did not give any.

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