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BULIISA: Leaders in the oil rich Buliisa district are asking the government to intervene and establish a vocational training institution in the district.

The Buliisa district LCV Chairperson Fred Lukumu says there is an alarming gap in the vocational training institute which needs to be urgently addressed to fight unemployment among the youth and tap into the oil and gas opportunities.

‘’There is high unemployment in the district due to lack of vocational training institutes in the area, there is a need for government intervention,’’ Lukumu said.

Lukumu adds that the attempt by the community members to establish a vocational training institute at Kirama village in Kigwera also got stuck before getting operationalized.

‘’The district established structures for the vocational training institute in Kirama with Uganda Wildlife Authority funds, but we got stuck before being operationalized due to financial constraints,’’ he added.

The Buliisa Constituency Member of Parliament Hon. Allan Atugonza says that there is an urgent need for government intervention since most youths in the district are unemployed due to lack of a vocational training institute in the area.


He says he has already secured 100 iron sheets from the office of the prime minister, and he will procure more to ensure the challenge of the vocational training institute is addressed.

‘’The district started a good initiative of establishing a vocational training institute, there is a need for the government also to support the initiative since the district was financially constrained,’’ he said.

The politician told that the physical plan for Kirama vocational training institute has been made, and they are pushing to ensure more structures are put in place and operationalized.

Hon. Atugonza asked the different stakeholders and government to intervene and ensure it’s operationalized in order for the people to tap into oil and gas opportunities and fight unemployment in the oil rich district.

According to the legislator, oil companies and government spend a lot of money in training and skilling students in oil and gas related courses in other districts adding that this can be done in Buliisa once the vocational training institute is put in place.

Additional reporting by Innocent Atuganyira and Pascal Onega

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