By Pascal Onega

BULIISA: Residents of Udukuru A village in Biiso Sub county, Buliisa district have rejected their village defence secretary over abuse of office.

More than sixty residents on Wednesday stormed the office of the sub county chairperson requesting for the removal of Manuel Uwonda from the office.

They accuse Uwonda of excessive alcohol consumption, using abusive language and taking bribes from suspects among other misconducts.

Paskalina Paculal one of the residents says they are fed up with Uwonda’s conducts and he requested Denis Oyewa, the sub county chairperson to intervene in the matter.

Diadone Uguta, the chairperson LC1 Udukuru A village confirmed the accusations against Uwonda saying he had tried to talk to him but he refused to reform.

However Uwonda the defense dismisses the allegations against him as false and aimed at failing him saying if he has committed any crime he should be taken to courts of law instead of the sub county chairperson.

While meeting the aggrieved residents, Oyewa the Biiso sub county chairperson gave Uwonda an ultimatum of 14 days to either reform or resign from the position over misuse of office.

He also instructed the village chairperson to appoint a new defense secretary in case Uwonda does not reform.

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