By Pascal Onega

BULIISA: Buliisa District government aided school teachers on Wednesday joined a nationwide industrial action demanding for equality and harmonization of the salary enhancement.

Some learning institutions in the oil rich Buliisa district were seen open while others closed, and learners playing in the school compound while others were seen heading home by 9am.

Mr. Onen Alex, the head teacher Kisomere Primary School in Ngwedo Sub County said, only two teachers on government payroll reported but also left early.

Onen adds that out of fourteen teachers, the school has been run by only three PTA paid teachers.

‘’Only two teachers on the government payroll reported for work, and left early. We have fourteen teachers and three are paid by the PTA,’’ said Onen.

One of the teachers at Kisomere Primary school who spoke to our reporter on condition of anonymity said that they will continue reporting to the school but will not work.

Another teacher at Biiso Primary School School in Biiso Sub County disclosed that they will continue with the industrial action until they get official communication from Uganda National Teachers Union {UNATU}.

‘’We shall continue with the industrial action until we get official communication from UNATU,’’ he explained.

Another teacher from Buliisa primary school told our reporter that they are ready to resume work once their matter is settled. ‘’We are ready to report for work once our matter settles,’’ she said.

James Mugisa the Buliisa District Inspector of Schools confirmed the strike saying he moved in various schools in the district and most of the teachers didn’t report.

‘’It’s true, teachers are on industrial action because I moved to various schools in the district and most of them didn’t report for work,’’ he confirmed.

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