By Pascal Onega

BULIISA: Ten groups in Biiso Sub County Buliisa district have received 42.5 million shillings from the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

The fund is part of the groups in the areas neighbouring the national parks or wildlife reserves.

The groups that benefited from the funds are Women of hope Nyamasoga, Cover Bubwe piggery project, Nyamasoga piggery project, Bubwe village piggery project, Twesige piggery project, Bubwe goat rearing group, Tulihamwe goat rearing, Together We Can Livestock Kijungu, God is good disability is not inability, and Tukole hamwe group project.

The above groups applied for the UWA funds in 2018, but due to the covid-19 pandemic, the disbursement was delayed.

While officiating the handover function, the Biiso Sub County chairperson Denis Oyewa commended the group members for being patient saying they shouldn’t divert the funds for other use but focus on the projects they identified before.

‘’Don’t divert the fund, it should focus on the projects you identified before,’’ he said.

Lilian Mpairwe the Biiso Sub County chief urged the beneficiaries utilize the funds properly to benefit them and tap into more government opportunities.

‘’Utilize the funds properly so that it benefits you thus tap into more government opportunities,’’ said Mpairwe.

Patrick Mujuni Asiimwe the Biiso Sub county Sub accountant said at least each group is able to get four million and above.

‘’Each group will receive at least four million shillings, and we hope will benefit them thus improve their household income,’’ said Asiimwe.

Jimmy Babyenda and other beneficiaries appreciated the sub County authorities and UWA for the funds saying they will be able to do their best so that they benefit from the funds.

‘’We shall do our best so that we can benefit from other government projects,’’ they said.

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