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HOIMA: Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom is advocating for the use of the indigenous methods of family planning instead of relying on contraceptives alone.

Speaking during this year’s world contraceptive commemoration day held at Buffalo hotel in Hoima city on Tuesday, Robert Rukahemura, the kingdom’s Social affairs officer said as they commemorate the day, they need to explore the indigenous knowledge that our ancestors used in spacing their children.

Rukahemura advised the ministry of health and other partners to invest in the research for the indigenous knowledge of family planning that can be used by the current and future generations in order to avoid the dangers associated with the contraceptive use.

Speaking as chief guest at the event, Michael Muramira Kyakashari, the deputy RDC Hoima backed Rukahemura’s idea saying government is grappling with the problem of high rate of teenage pregnancy, HIV and poverty in the country by through promoting contraceptives use.

He added that indigenous knowledge if adopted can complement the scientific methods in controlling birth the rate in the country.

Muramira advised the parents and guardians to talk to their children on issues of early sex in order to avoid unplanned pregnancies and contracting HIV.

Speaking during the same event, Samuel Balamaga, the youth and the key populations lead at Marie Stopes Uganda, an organisation that promotes family planning method use in the county, assured   the stakeholders that his organisation together with the ministry of health and other civil organisations would do more research on the indigenous methods of family planning and later disseminate their findings in order to promote the indigenous family planning methods alongside contraceptive use.

Balamaga advised the teenagers and the community at large to adopt the Abstinence, Being faithful and Condom use –ABC formula in order to avoid early pregnancies and contracting HIV/AIDS.

Evelyn Businge, the principal assistant secretary Hoima district who represented the Chief Administrative Officer-CAO revealed that statistics show that Bunyoro sub region, Hoima district inclusive has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in the county which has led to the teenagers having complications during child birth and at times death or giving birth to deformed babies.

Businge added that there are a lot of teenage mothers in Hoima district who cannot even properly take care of their babies and they are now leaving the burdens to their parents.

She added the high teenage pregnancy rate   has also increased the poverty levels and is greatly affecting the service delivery in the district.

Bunyoro region has a projection of 2,885,500 people of which over one million are teenagers and 491,996 female.

Records show that 70357 teenagers got pregnant in the region during the 2021/2022 financial year.

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