Our dear President, we can't emphasize how much we have loved and supported you, even before you were President.

By Guest Writer

OPINION: Warm regards from the people of Hoima and the greater Bunyoro We appreciate all you’ve done and will continue to do.

This serves as a wake-up call but also a stern warning. Bunyoro has always been calm, steadfast, and faithful.

Warning to our leaders

Be reminded that you were appointed as Rt Hon Prime Minister, Minister for Finance, State Minister for Public Service, and State Minister for Works, among others, not so much because you merited it above many others, but initially because you were from Bunyoro.

Whereas we appreciate your integrity and faithfulness to appease your appointing authority, your quietness on issues concerning Bunyoro is shouting.

You have continually shown us how you have no regard for many things concerning Bunyoro, especially BKK, including the recently concluded 100 years of Ikingura Cwa II Yohana Kabalega’s death commemoration, even when it was held in your very courtyard. Your absence without apology was well noted and received.

You have left the issue of Bunyoro University to Hon. Asinansi, Hon. Obama, and others who otherwise don’t have as much influence as you do. We are watching you keenly, and I promise, you can’t betray Bunyoro and go away with it.

Our dear President, we can’t emphasize how much we have loved and supported you, even before you were President. Whereas we appreciate your gesture of appointing our sons and daughters to key positions, your lack of personal involvement in issues concerning Bunyoro is also very loud.

We appreciate your delegates at several critical Bunyoro events and your generous contributions. We have also seen you appear in person at events of your choice, like the launch or grand opening of our son Dr. Balaam’s incomplete five-star hotel in Masindi, among others. We thank you.

We kindly remind you that whenever we invite you, we first think of the people you delegate, but we also consider you for other reasons we can only be intimate with you.

We have always come to terms with the disappointments, but I assure you, Bunyoro is calm, but he can’t take the consideration of being last in priority anymore.

We are aware and have overheard the Minister for Finance say there won’t be finances for Bunyoro University in the coming financial year as requested by the team you put in place; our humble request is that you do everything possible and avail us of that little, but critical, money. We can’t overemphasize how we’re not asking for much.

Last warning

We will shortly be in for the Hoima LC5 bye-election; you will certainly hear the people of Hoima and Bunyoro very loud and clear.

”N’aculeera acura nyina, obuculeezi tiriba iraru, kandi obuceke tiriba itima.”

The author is Lennox Mugume, incoming Chairman of LC5 Hoima District.

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