By Innocent Atuganyira

HOIMA: China National Offshore Oil Corporation {CNOOC} Uganda Ltd, an oil company  in partnership with Bunyoro Kitara-Kingdom {BKK} is training 30 youth from Bunyoro Kingdom in heavy machine operation.

The youths are being  trained in operating  excavators and bulldozers among machines.

According to Francis Mugerwa, the Kingdom’s  spokesperson, the training is one of the several initiatives the Kingdom is undertaking to deliberately prepare its subjects  to tap the  opportunities in the oil industry.

Mugerwa added that training is  meant to equip the  youth with the skills required to drive heavy vehicles in the oil industry.

Mugerwa added that  the training began two weeks ago and that the practical lessons are currently  taking place  at Sir Tito Winyi secondary school playground  in Hoima district after the theoretical ones at Bunyoro Kitara-Kingdom Parliament (Orukurato) hall in Hoima city.

The students that will pass  the course will be licensed and internationally certified.


BKK officials did a monitoring visit to the trainees  who appreciated the Kingdom  and CNOOC for the skilling program.

These join a list of several beneficiaries from the Kingdom who have undergone similar training organized by CNOOC in partnership with BKK inorder to skill the  youth.

Under the same arrangement, 183 youth from different districts in Bunyoro have benefited from the training in heavy vehicle driving.

The nature of the oil industry requires skills and international certification which many youth don’t have.

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