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By Zephania Ikiriza

BULIISA: Traders operating on landing sites of Lake Albert in Buliisa district Bunyoro sub region are asking government to compensate them for loses of their goods during floods.

The floods that hit most landing sites of Lake Albert in Buliisa district left all traders in tears as their businesses were swept without any rescue.

In an interview with, the chairperson of traders in Buliisa district Stephen Mbiide who doubles as a member in the NRM District Executive Committee explained that when the floods emerged the area, all business were affected because no one had ever experienced the same for decades. ‘’When floods emerged the area, all businesses were affected because no one had ever experienced this for decades,’’ he said.

One of the camps in Buliisa district where business operators camped

Mbide said the businesses which were affected include beaches, shops, boats and their nets, residential and commercials houses which immersed in water.

The chairperson asked the government to compensate the traders like the way they have been doing to others in some parts of the country so that they can have capital to enable them start and add into their businesses. ‘’Government has been compensating traders in some areas who were affected by floods, we are therefore asking for government intervention,’’ Mbide added.

The Priest of St. Paul Anglican church Butiaba Rev. Richard Opiyo also explained how the flood affected the church saying out of 200 church members who used to turn up for prayers only 20 are turning up which has affected the collection of offerings since the church depends on offerings from Christians.

Some of the houses submerged by floods in 2021 in Biliisa district

Rev. Opiyo on his last remarks called for unity among the community members and the leaders so that Butiaba`s issues are addressed for the betterment of the area.

Fishing is one of the most economic activities Buliisa district depend on to fund their budget.

Fishing community at the lake has been affected by floods, burning of fishing nets, and boats by FPU, lock down, attack by crocodiles and hippos for almost two years now.


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