By Pascal Onega

BULIISA: The Masindi Municipality Member of Parliament Hon Joab Businge has raised a concern of increased accidents caused by the sugar company trucks.

The concern was raised on Friday during a burial function of Byoona Samson in Nyalwera village Kagera Parish Kihungya sub county Buliisa District.

Byoona was knocked dead with a colleague on Tuesday night by the Kiryandongo Sugar Ltd cane truck registration number UBK 072D at Kyema trading centre in Masindi Municipality.

Businge cried at the rate at which the sugarcane trucks were claiming the lives of residents.

The legislator however asked the road users to be more vigilant while using the road saying some people use the roads when their minds are far away.

”Road users should be vigilant enough because some of the trucks are either in poor mechanical condition or drivers don’t concentrate,” he asserted.


The Albertine Region Police Spokesperson Julius Allan Hakiza recently told UGReports that recklessness has been cited in most accidents registered in the Albertine region.

Hakiza added that most road users and drivers do not pay attention to the road hence over speeding, Ignoring traffic lights and road signs which accelerate road accidents in the region.

”Most pedestrians walk in the wrong lane, cross the road without looking at different road sides, this kind of conduct among both drivers and pedestrians are putting people’s lives in danger,” he asserted.

The police spokesperson says that the owners of vehicles and motorcycles should monitor their riders or drivers to ensure accidents are reduced in the region.

‘’The owners of vehicles and motorcycles should also take the responsibility of monitoring their drivers while our traffic officers remain committed on the roads to regulate movements of drivers and vehicles in bad mechanical conditions,’’ Hakiza notes.

Mr. Charles Ndozereho the Director Life Safe Driving School Masindi said lack of refresher training for the drivers contributes greatly to the increased road accidents in Uganda.

According to Ndozereho, most drivers don’t get refresher training to keep themselves abreast with the changes in the sector and end up causing accidents.

‘’Lack of discipline, low pay, family or relationship misunderstandings, and lack of proper vehicle servicing have greatly contributed to road accidents in Uganda,’’ he says.

The director observes a need for the government to summon all drivers or transport companies and find solutions to the increasing road accidents in the country.

In addition, Ndozereho asked the government to support driving schools in the country since some drivers have not undergone training adding that such drivers lack driving skills and discipline that cause accidents in the country.

‘’Most drivers don’t know the importance of traffic police on the road, and this is due to lack of training which puts the lives of travellers at risk, the government needs to address such issues through refresher courses,’’ he asserted.

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