By Christopher Nyeko

GULU: At least 36 members of commercial sex workers, teenage and child mothers have been supported by Gulu Women Economic Development for Globalisation {GWED-G} in hand skill.

These commercial sex workers, teenage and child mothers were identified and selected from Omoro, Amuru Gulu city and district were they were trading sex and they  were enrolled for six week training in bakeries .

They were trained on basics of making bread and cakes of different types, sexual reproductive health, live transformation, business and communication skill.

During the closer of the training on Monday from senior quarters Pece Laroo division Gulu city, the four groups of these transformed commercial sex workers, teenage and child mothers were awarded certificates of participation then equipped with bakery machine also the start up capital of 2 Million shilling  were handed to them where each of the group goes home with five hundred thousand shilling.

Pamella Angwech the director GWED-G implored them to remain focused and use the opportunity and skill they have acquired during the training to change their lives and keep their siblings.

Angwech revealed that GWED-G is targeting to train over 300 commercial sex workers, teenage mothers from the district of Amuru, Omoro Gulu City and district  on piggery, rabbit keeping, hair dressing, metal and fabrication work so that they are able to earn for living.


Alex Okoya Odongo the Founder of the Street Samaritan, a community based organisation in Gulu City that focuses on transforming commercial sex workers and street kids said these categories which were traimed was idetified and selected when they had completely lost hope and were stray on streets and trading centres.

“I lectured them to be hopeful, self reliance, hard working and transformed, now that we have given you the hooks not the fish use it to catch more, focus on your business, don’t go back to where you were picked from “he advised

Okoya who also doubled as parish chairperson of Labour line Prish revealed  to UG Reports that he has chosen to help the commercial sex workers because his parish is one of the hotspot and well known area of sex selling both in Northern Uganda and Uganda at large.

He further revealed that during the night, they used to line up along Acholi road, Lim Welo Bar and lodge, Angle lodges and at various  corridors along different road connections in his parish where these girls slept with and abandoned or even paid little money.

In response to help them, Okoya revealed that he has initiated the programs of transforming their lives and has presented to different charity organisations for the help but only GWED-G have taken keen interests and have responded positively to support them through sponsoring the training and purchasing the equipment and giving them seed capital.

Geofrrey Oceng Osborn the Amuru Resident District Commissioner whose population of his girls were the greatest however advises trainees who have completed the course to go and register their business with the district.

“When you have stationed in your respective district, and working as a group will help you learn more and gain profits”. He advised

He further implored them to be good entrepreneurs, focused on taking care of the sibling they are having ,and planning well for the future noting thay can still become whoever best they thought to be.

Concy Aluu, one of the beneficiaries said the seed capital her group has received from GWED-G has given them a hope of taking care of her 6 month old baby.

She pledges to work hard in supporting her own business by using the business skill and the knowledge she has attained during the six week training.

Jovian Kwolonyo another beneficiary expresses her joy saying that she has been struggling to take care of her 4 month old baby because her housebound have abandoned her since her pregnancy but

“Now that I have been equipped with knowledge, I must utilize it well, I plan to join VSLA in my village for more saving” she said.


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