By Innocent Atuganyira

BULIISA: The construction of Butiaba Health Centre III in Butiaba sub county Buliisa district Bunyoro sub region is expected to kick off this month, according to Dr. Robert Mugabe the District Health Educator {DHE} Buliisa.

In a special interview with, Dr. Mugabe revealed that the office of prime minister assessed the health facility, and directed the construction of new structures for the facility to kick off. ‘’After assessing the facility, Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja the prime minister of Uganda directed the district to get land where the new structures of Butiaba health facility can be put in place,’’ he told our reporter.

Butiaba health centre was among the government institutions which were affected by increasing Lake Albert waters in Buliisa district. After being submerged, it was later shifted to Butiaba primary school and it didn’t yield any fruit. Dr. Mugabe explains that currently they are operating at Butiaba sub county headquarters as they wait for the construction of structures at the new site.

Butiaba health workers shifting Photo by John Kibego.

‘’Currently we are operating at Butiaba sub county headquarters since the entire health centre and Butiaba primary school were submerged by increasing Lake Albert waters as we wait for the facility to be shifted to the new site,’’ Dr. Mugabe asserted.

The health specialist told that the district proposed Kawaibanda village in Butiaba Sub County as the new site where structures for Butiaba health centre are going to be put in place. ‘’The district proposed Kawaibanda as the new site for the construction of Butiaba health centre since it’s also in the same area and easily accessible by the community around the sub county,’’ he further asserted.

The health expert also asserted that the land was assessed by the contractors and they are waiting for the report. ‘’The land was assessed last year, and construction was supposed to commence this month, however we are waiting for the report and hopefully the construction will kick off,’’ Dr. Mugabe told

The 25 bed capacity tent will accommodate patients on admission. Photo by Pascal Onega

Last year in December, ministry of health handed over permanent sleeper tents to Butiaba Health Centre III, the tent is accommodating 25 patients.Other items handed over included 25 beds, 25 mattresses, and 25 bed sheets.

Peter Mukobi the Directors Hoima regional referral hospital the tent would overcome the problem of congestion in the admission wards. Before the Lake Albert increasing waters, Butiaba health centre was serving the communities of Butiaba, Walukuba, Watembu, Kabolwa, Biiso, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and others.



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