By Chris M Bruno

KIBAALE: A 41-year-old man has been handed a one year and eight months prison sentence for burglary and theft by the Kibaale Grade One Magistrate, Emmanuel Niyokwizera.

Umaru Kagoro, a resident of Kyamukuka village in Mugarama Sub County, Kibaale district has been convicted after pleading guilty to stealing 4 basins of Irish potatoes and two hens all valued at 150,000 shillings after breaking into the house of William Monday of the same area.

The Grade one Magistrate court heard that Umaru committed the crime on the 29th December 2022.

The magistrate ruled that he serves his punishment at Kibaale government prison.

The same court sitting remanded a 27-year-old man identified as John Mugume a resident of Kiguuza village in Nyamarunda Sub County on charges of arson.

Prosecution told court that on 28th last month, the accused willfully and unlawfully set fire on a permanent house of Bagonza Aramathan of the same village after developing misunderstandings.

In the dock, the accused was not allowed to take any plea because such capital nature offenses are only tried in the high court, therefore he will appear before the Kibaale Magistrate on Wednesday next week for the hearing of his case.

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