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KWANIA: The Police at Kwania Central Police Station is holding the District Education Officer of Kwania Andrew Omunnu over allegations of diverting funds meant for Aduku seed Secondary School in Kwania District.

Omunu was arrested Wednesday evening during the commissioning of Aboko seed secondary school by the Minister of state for sports Denis Hamson Obua.

Before heading to the venue, Obua made some impromptu support supervision visit to Agwiciri Primary School where he found only 25 desks, at Aduku seed secondary school he got only 14 computers out of the 28 which was procured by government.

A CCTV camera which was procured to be mounted for surveillance of security at the school was also missing.

According to Obua, in 2018 government with support from the World Bank under the UGIFT project released over 1.7 Billion to construct Aboko Seed Secondary School, 154 Million to procure computers, 47 Million for science kits,100 Million for other activities and 8 Million for laboratory chemicals which in total amount to 2.8 Billion.

Kwania district officials under the leadership of DEO Omunu is alleged to have diverted the funds to procure a vehicle at a cost of UGX 172 Million and 40 Million for roads construction.


The DEO is also alleged to have diverted 127 Million for the procurement of desk under the school facilitation grant.

The Minister was also informed that the DEO dismissed 6 head teachers without following the due process of law.

Minister Obua then directed the DPC of Kwania Charles Mugisha to arrest Omunu and is currently being held at Kwania central police station where he is being detained.

Some of the area residents pleaded to Minister Obua to commission the school as investigation on the matter goes on.

Kwania district LCV Chairperson Geoffrey Alex Ogwal Adyebo says they have raised many issues regarding the corruption tendencies and abuse of office by the district officials no action has ever been taken on them.

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