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By Okot Lil Romeo

ACHOLI: Rampant domestic violence fuels battle field of murder cases in Aswa river region in Northern Uganda, making the local community in fear of flash back of post-conflicts war for over 25 years between LRA and NRA/ UPDF contributing to psychological distress among the family affair.

In a statement released by the Aswa River Region Police Spokeperson ASP David Ongom Mudong confirmed that Aswa region records six murder cases weekly due to domestic violence among the couple family of which most of them are civils matters which can be solved without loss of live.

On the 19th/October/2022 at around 1600hrs Kitgum district registered murder cases of Larod Agnes age 31 years old at Wiya-Agweng cell, Kitgum matidi in Kitgum district by her husband Ojok Robinson 45 years old with CRB-807/2022 at Kitgum police post.

The preliminary cases of murder state that he killed his wife over report from un identified person revealing that his wife is citing at him which made him grow anger and beat his wife to death.

In Nwoya district on 26th/October/2022 at around 1500hrs registered murder cases of elder Kerobina Adong age 53 years old a resident of Coroba cell, Orum ward, Lii sub county in Nwoya district by Ouma Gertrude male, age 47 years old of the same address with CRB/792 at Nwoya police post.

On the 27th/October/2022 at around 18;300hrs Gulu CPS registered murder cases of Maxwell Ttopacu age 39 years old a resident of industrial area in Layibi-Bardege [Gulu west] division by Oroma Jennifer wife to deasesed age 38 years old a resident of the same address.


The preliminary results state that the deceased was working with mbarara road construction company limited then after his contract ended, he returned home were they involved in a constant fight with his wife and on the 27th October 2022 at 18;00hrs he was beaten and found dead in his bed.

Another murder recent cases of murder reported at Gulu west police post in Bardege-Layibi Layibi division were Lawyer Francesca Amony 34 years old a resident of keyi A cell, Kabedo-opong ward in Bardege-Layibi division murder by stabbing her late husband Dr Joseph Etuk on the night of October 28th/2022 with CRB/313/2022 AND file number -188W189 of DCA with malicia afore thought under lawful killing.

According to report from Gulu circuit high court state that over 2,323 cases were stack pending waiting for judgement 830 are backlogs which most case is domestic violence and SGBV this the one contributing to rampant cases of murder in the region [Natalo Nasulu Hussein the deputy registrar Gulu revealed].

Another report from regional police of Aswah state that for last year they recorded over 936 SGBV cases at the region which stand at 90% and for the entered Uganda stand at 16,000 cases of SGBV this has become the biggest problems hitting the region {Damalie Nachuha RPC Aswah region disclosed}.

UGReports discussed with Freddy Odong, a clinical psychologist attached to mental health Gulu Sheffield department revealed that people are undergoing a lot of unresolved issues and stress in a family affair which need constant counseling, guidance support from psychological experts to stop such mentality in the community.

Unresolved matter at home it is causing accumulative psychological distress among the family which it become over power to resolved pending for any small matters among them to cause fight among them later contributing to murder in the community affair.

Odong also notes that the northern region has passed through a post conflict war setting, poverty living men are running away from their responsibility to women to do which it contributed a lot of hunger on women creating bitterness of women. And also drug abuse with some families living in constant misunderstanding among themselves in love affairs is contributing to such incidents in this region.

UGReports discussed with ASP Stewart Kalokwera regional CCTV camera Analyst regional officer Aswah region said the region has total of 122 installed cameras with 6 monitoring centered in area like Gulu university, Gulu CP’S, Nimule in Elegu town council, Lacor center, Paboo center, and Kilark center all to boost up the level of investigation of any matter reported to police.

Kalokwera urged that on a weekly basis 10 cases have been recorded with the help of cameras and more 30 cameras are to be installed to boost up the distance of coverage of investigation in the region. He however advised the public to utilize the use of cameras by reporting the matter early investigation, and says it is working 24-7 hrs. to support the need.

D/SP Twishime Auhan Rukema Regional CID Aswa region disclosed that however Government Analytical laboratory is under development to function fully, says the community is not using the lab yet it is free Government services for investigation of matters like murders cases, DNA test among other, but they tend to move for private lab with cost range from 500,000- I million to pay for results.

Twishime however appealed to the public to report the cases earlier not to frustrate the investigation and then not to bribe the police in any investigative matter while utilizing the availability of a Government analytical lab however it is under development.

In addition, the regional police commander Aswah river region Nachuha Damalie discussed with UGReports comment that last year and this year Aswah region is battling with the issues of rampant murder, says last year there was rampant murder as a result of land dispute, this year again they are facing amidst murder as a result of domestic violence with a civil matters.

Nachuha notes that this amidst murder cases in the region would call for collective effort of sensitization of the public to understand the law of Uganda and the dangers of taking some one life which is against the law of Uganda, appealed to the public to desist from such acts they should check helped from the locals’ leaders to address the matter before reaching police.

She however added that amidst murder hitting the region has made the security the next plan to fight and reduced the cases by involving any part to spread the information and coordinate to one another persuading the messages to the public throughout many channel.

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