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By Moses Alinda

ARUA: There was drama in Mvara on Thursday afternoon after Arua city leadership rejected the plan for eco tourism project which was presented by the developer Oguzulee Denis.

In the stakeholders meeting held at Arua Core PTC hall to solve the Barifa Forest saga that has been headlining in the previous years, drama started after Oguzulee Denis in his speech mentioned names of some people who are against his projects.

This rose anger of some people who were demanding Oguzulee to apologize for the words he had uttered or else they leave the meeting.

It took the intervention of the City Mayor Wadri Sam Nyakua and Ayivu Division Mayor Avutia Malon but all in vain.

The then Member of Parliament for Arua Municipality Wadri Kassiano advised Oguzulee Denis to invest in other areas apart from Barifa Forest since the community is suspicious of him being used by other people to grab the said forest.

He said that at the end of the tunnel Oguzulee will remain in West Nile since he is a son of the soil.


He advised him to live in harmony with the rest.

The Mayor Arua central division Muzaidi Khemisi said a number of leaders who speak about Barifa Forest have been intimidated by a section of people.

On Tuesday the Mayor Ayivu division Avutia Malon had said that Barifa has become a trap for tribal sentiments, death and arrest for some people in westnile.

He said some people are being used to monitor what people are talking about the developers of the forest.

On Monday, a section of locals in Arua city had protested the giveaway of Barifa to individuals for development.

The locals while addressing the media said the plans the developer had were different from what NFA had put in its guidelines.

The meeting was attended by the political leadership of Arua city, central division and Ayivu division, the technocrats, the business community and a team from national building review board who had called for the meeting.

Who is Oguzu lee Denis?

Oguzulee is a Member of Parliament representing Maracha county, Maracha district in the 11th parliament under FDC ticket.

National forestry authority guided by section 42 of the national forestry and tree act 2003 in 2017 through open air, fair and competitive process invited applications from potential investors to develop eco tourism site in Barifa forest.

Oguzulee emerged as a success full bidder
However his plan was not approved because the plan he had was not corresponding with the eco tourism plan.

He was deferred to the higher authorities for further assistance.

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