By Obed Kithende

KASESE: Authorities in Kasese district have banned the sale of Nsanga meat in order to curtail the spread of deadly Ebola disease.

The Kasese District Surveillance Officer Mr. Sam Muhindo Kabinga told this website that all Police Division Commanders in the Rwenzori East region have been ordered to arrest and confiscate all traders who are trading in Nsanga meat.

Mr. Kabinga says the call to burn Kasese District Nsanga meat traders from trading in the business has been put as one measure to curtail the spread of the deadly Ebola Virus from entering the district since Nsanga meat was coming to the District from unclear sources.

”For that matter therefore the District task force has directed all the four Division police commanders in the Rwenzori region to carry out operations in the spot markets that deal in Nsanga meat,” he said.

The Rwenzori region has four divisions : Bwera, Katwe, Kasese and Hima.

He says all traders who will be found guilty of the act will be arrested and later be taken to courts of law.


Mr. Kabinga also challenged all heads of institutions including churches, schools, companies, Markets and bus terminals in Kasese District to embrace the culture of washing their hands with clean water and avoiding contact with those who have or are suspected of having Ebola.

Therefore he has since asked for the implementation of embracing the hand washing facilities to aid the effective hand washing of the people in such public and busy places.

Mr. Kabinga also discouraged people to avoid contact with blood and body fluids such as urine, feces, saliva, sweat, vomit, breast milk, amniotic fluids of people who are suspects.

Areas on the spot of Nsanga meat include Kibara in Nyakirumbu sub-county, Kiburara in Kisinga sub-county, Kyarumba market in Kyarumba town council and Mawa Market in Kasese Municipality among others.

The Kasese District senior Veterinary officer, Dr.Yusuf Kibaya told that last week 428 kilograms of Nsanga meat was impounded from Kisanga Market in Kasese Municipality.

Dr. Kibaya ordered the burial after the meat was reportedly decomposing and being unfit for human consumption.

He threatened to arrest the business community dealing in the sale and consumption of Nsanga meat at Kibara holding center in Nyakiyumbu Sub-County Kasese district.

Kasese District Council in previous years resolved to ban the sale of Nsanga meat from the local markets saying it is unfit for human consumption, but there were mixed reactions.

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