By Ahmed Matovu

KASSANDA: Police in Kassanda district on Thursday impounded seven vehicles that were carrying logs.

According to the Wamala Regional Police Spokesperson Kawala Rachael, the impounded vehicles are UAE 481B, KCK trailer 251V trailer, UBH 680N TATA 10, UBL 774J TATA, UBM 624B TATA10, UBH350V fuso.

”These were impounded from Kikandwa subcounty in k
Kassanda district”.

The impounded vehicles are currently parked at Kassanda Central Police Station as inquiries continue.

Kawala asserts that the preliminary findings indicate some of these were allegedly heading to Kampala contrary to the presidential directive against fighting the Ebola Outbreak in the country.

She says the operations to implement presidential guidelines against the fight of Ebola are still ongoing in districts of Kassanda and Mubende.


”Our operations to implement presidential guidelines against the fight of ebola  are still ongoing in the districts of Kassanda and Mubende,” she said.

The regional police mouthpiece urged the public to comply with the presidential directives.

On 15th October this year President Museveni announced  lockdown and curfew in the districts of Mubende and Kassanda to curb the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.

Museveni said the directive also includes public, private transport and boda bodas which are not permitted to move in the two districts but only cargo vehicles.

“There is will be no movement in and out of Mubende and Kassanda. There will also be curfew in Mubende and Kasanda districts starting from 7 pm to 6 am in the morning. During the day you can move but within your district and at night you stay in your compound,” Museveni said.

He said the two districts are at the heart of Uganda, there is a need to avoid blocking people passing through the districts.

“Public and private vehicles crossing through Mubende and Kassanda districts are permitted to move with police clearance but not permitted to stop and pick people. Don’t stop but just drive through. Don’t drop or pick anybody.”

He said cargo trucks with one driver and turn boy will be allowed to drop goods in the two districts, adding that these will only do it during the day.
“They will leave the two districts by 5pm and will not be allowed to sleep in there. If you do, you will stay there until the lockdown is lifted.”

According to the president, the directive means that traders from Kassanda and Mubende are not allowed to carry goods outside the two districts but only trucks foreign to the two areas.

On 20th September this year, Dr. Diana Atwine the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health confirmed a first case of Ebola outbreak in the country.

According to Dr. Atwine, the confirmed case was a 24-year-old male a resident of Ngabano village of Madudu Sub County in Mubende District presented with EVD symptoms and later succumbed.

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