By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: The Chairperson Parliament committee of gender labour and social development Hon. Flavia Rwabuhoro who doubles as the wWhas revealed that the national statistics shows that the elder persons throughout the country take care of close to four million grandchildren.

Rwabuhoro disclosed this during the parliamentary district SAGE engagement meeting held at the district headquarters earlier this week.

She said many of the youth have abandoned their children to their parents which is a big bidden in social development.

“As chairperson of the parliament committee of gender labour and social development, the most challenging part is that most of elder people country wide, when they receive this small support, they have to cater for their grandchildren”, said Rwabuhoro.

Rwabuhoro also appealed to the government to establish a children’s home in each district.

“When we tried to ask the elder persons to leave their homes, we failed since most wanted to be staying with their grandchildren”, added Rwabuhoro.

Marion Akwap, the Bukedea district community development officer on the other hand says besides care taking the grandchildren, Bukedea has got a challenge of tracing 122 elder persons who are missing from benefiting from social assistance grant empowerment (SAGE).

Akwap disclosed that out of 489 elder persons registered in the entire district, only 296 are beneficiaries, 68 dead and three are under pension.

However, Maguret Ilaborot, the district councillor Bukedea representing elder persons, urged the government to reduce the SAGE age bracket in order to accommodate more of the beneficiaries.

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