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LIRA: Sight Savers International, a non-governmental organization working in partnership with Lira district has brought bliss and relief to patients suffering from lymphatic filariasis, commonly known as elephantiasis after announcing plans to economically empower them.

This is in addition to offering treatment for the patients.Recently, Lira district local government has been registering and training people suffering from the disease in both Lira district and city.

This is prior to administration of treatment which will start soon.

Lymphatic filariasis, commonly known as elephantiasis, is a painful and profoundly disfiguring disease.

It is caused by infection with parasites classified as nematodes (roundworms) of the family Filarioidea that are transmitted through the bites of infected mosquitos.

Speaking to the patients suffering from elephantiasis in Ngetta, Lira City East Division recently, the Lira district vector control officer Rashid Mwesigye Etwop said they have so far registered 475 patients to benefit from the treatment, courtesy of Sight Savers international.


However, Etwop warned patients suffering from elephantiasis against seeking treatment for the disease from witchdoctors since it is transmitted by mosquitoes and not through witchcraft.

“It’s is a neglected tropical disease which is caused by parasitic worms, and can spread from person to person through mosquitoes”, he added.

He asked people to sleep under insecticide treated mosquito nets to reduce their chances of being bitten by mosquitoes which transmit the disease.

Financial Support

Etwop revealed to the patients that Sight Savers International will train people suffering from elephantiasis on proper management of the disease.

After that, he explained that Sight Savers will also train the patients on business skills and it will eventually offer business startup capital to enable them begin income generating activities to support their livelihoods.

Christine Bua a local of Angetta sub-county in Alebtong district living in Ngetta said she has for long been struggling with her child who was born with signs of elephantiasis and said the training on disease management by sight savers will improve her child’s health.

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