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Editor, due to the increasingly un predictable weather conditions occurring in Uganda currently, the parliamentary forum on climate change should engage the ministry of water and environment to put in place the climatic change regulations that going to reduce the causes of climate change  and  increased negative impacts of the climate change in the country.

Currently the country is experiencing a lot of climatic changes like flooding’s, prolonged drought, army worm and others resulting from environmental degradation. About 20% of global CO2 emission is currently caused by deforestation only.

In addition to that in the low Developing countries (LDCS) including Uganda is about 62% of the total emissions originating from land –use change and primarily deforestation. For Uganda’s case, some of the causes of deforestation include conversion for agriculture, settlement and urbanization and other developments.

It should be noted that for the country like Uganda to overcome the climate change causes and increased negative impacts of the climate change, the parliamentary forum on climate change needs to engage the ministry of water and environment to put in place the following climatic change regulations. They include.

Developing increased use of renewable energy for instance wind, solar and biomass and combined heat and power installation. This will help to reduce more than 85% of the population Ugandan depending on the forests for charcoal and fire wood used for cooking. The renewable energy sources are clean, affordable and cheap as well.

Implementing the effective use planting  to avoid the forest degradation taking place in the country,  reduce, reuse, repair and recycling the plastics, and other waste materials in order to reduce the bottle spread everywhere,


Encouraging the use save energy sources at home for instance the energy charcoal stove servers to reduce the high demand for charcoal and firewood,

Putting in place the tax incentives to promote renewable energy sources and carbon capture and sequestration efforts and implementing the improved energy efficiency in buildings, industry and household appliance and enabling every student from primary to high institution to plant a tree before finishing the level of that study.

In my opinion I believe the mentioned climatic regulations will help to overcome the causes and increased negative impacts of the climate changes in Uganda when well implemented.

The author is Kato Paul {katop.adyeeri@gmail.com} the Research Associate at Africa Institute for Energy Governance {AFIEGO}

Disclaimer: We as UG Reports Media LTD we welcome any opinion by any one if it’s of a constructive use to the Development of Uganda. All the expressions and opinions in this write-up are not of UG Reports Media LTD but for the author of the article.

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