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KOLE: 30 year old Issa Okello a resident of Aparagwen, Amoladyang parish, Bala Sub-county in Kole District who was suffering from epilepsy has been assaulted to death for carrying a neighbor’s child.

Ayo Jasper and Tino Filda accused Okello of trying to infect their child with epilepsy.

Ayo Jasper and Tino Filda claimed that their clan culture prohibits an epileptic person from carrying a child, with a claim that they could transmit the disease to their children.

Jimmy Patrick Okema, the North Kyoga regional police spokesperson said Okello went to Ayo’s home on Sunday and carried his child whom he found seated in the compound but when the child’s mother saw him, she called her husband Ayo, who beat Okello seriously.

Okello succumbed to injuries he sustained from the assault by Ayo on Monday this week.

Jimmy Patrick Okema said Tino Filda, the mother of the child has been arrested and detained at Kole Central police station while her husband Jaspher Ayo is still on the run.

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